Friday, 24 August 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 34 Japan

Xui is very upset this week.  His wife's best friend has been convicted of murdering a British businessman and he has been sent to Japan to sort out a dispute over some uninhabited islands (Diaoyu Islands) over which China claims sovereignty

.Roland Poland writes to his brother Malcolm,

Hi Malcolm,
Japan this week and its back on the cat food again.  They call it 'sushi'
- I call it fancy fish bits.  Don't even mention Tofu - what's that all about?
The missus is on top note on account of her friend Gu going to prison
and Xui is involved in some diplomatic row about some islands that
are sitting on top of huge gas reserves.
Hope everything calms down and I can get some proper food soon.

Here are the pages I made for his travel book

We have included a photo of the Pagoda of Chureito at Mt. Fuji and a warrior at the Neputa Matsuri Festival, together with a geisha and an autumn shrine scene.

My postcard has been traced from a rice paper design  with a warrior design, onto glossy card and coloured with Copic Markers and gold Krylon pen.  It has a lovely glossy surface and looks like satsuma ware.
Thank you for stopping by and I do hope you will visit all the other travellers on our challenge. (link sidebar)


  1. Lovely card, the colours are fantastic, too. I share Roland's lack of enthusiasm for the food! Valerie

  2. Wow that postcard is fabulous, brilliant colour work. Like the topical content of you postcard too. Lovely page. Roland might be happier there if he was a cat!
    Jen x

  3. I've missed RP during the summer, I must go back and see what he's been up to, certainly hasn't been bored by the look of things!
    Love your Japanese card, the colours are really vibrant and great warrior choice!


  4. Love, love, love your postcard!! Fabulous!!

  5. Wow what brilliant colours of your postcard this week.excellent. not fish again for poor Roland.x

  6. Wonderful card and great current story for Roland. A xx

  7. oo well done on weaving in a current topic, love the card, works so well on the glossy paper.

  8. Absolutely delightful and a great imagination for this week.

  9. missed seeing blogs while had computer problems, trying to catch up now! Loved the postcard, lot of work involved, but well worth it - and the colours really zing

  10. Janet, gee I'm late on this. Somehow I thought I had seen your postcard and pages on Japan, but I guess not. Beautiful colors. Never heard of that island. Is it real?


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