Friday, 17 August 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 33 South Africa

Roland Poland is accompanying Xui on a fact finding mission to South Africa for his trade delegation.

This is a view of Klein Karoo, Western Cape coloured with distress inks.  He writes to his brother in Carlisle.

Hi Malcolm,
Was having a lovely time - on safari - until last night.
Went at dusk to see an old Boabab tree to see if it was
our family tree, when I got ambushed by a pack of wild
Just made it back to camp by the skin of my teeth.
Got told off for peeing up the side of the tent - too scared
to go into the bushes.  I can hear them yapping.  And,
apart from the ears, one looks like that devil from Whitby.

These are the pages in his travel book.

A large photo of the Boabab tree with giraffe has pride of place together with a view of Table Mountain.  A wild dog looks out menacingly from the page contrasted by the pretty Cape daisies.
Xui thinks Roland Poland is becoming paranoid.

Thank you for visiting and do call on our fellow travellers in this enjoyable world trip (link in sidebar).


  1. Love your postcard, that background is fabulous, the colours and your mountain shapes. So hard to achieve that look. Great page too, poor Roland always getting scared by big dogs.
    Jen x

  2. Awesome postcards and I love the pages. :)

  3. what a brilliant card. your colours are great, and a lovely travel page to...

  4. Wonderful postcard, I wonder if Cissie met Roland in western Cape? The pages are lovely, too! Valerie

  5. Wonderful postcard and adventures of Cissie and Roland. Your view of Klein Karoo is just beautiful. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend.

  6. What a laugh peeing on the tent. Great.

  7. Terrific sky effects on the card ( Distress Inks -really? Even more amazing job)
    The story was so funny this week!

  8. thats a gorgeous effect on the card, really love the shapes and colours. had to giggle at him peeing up the side of the tent lol

  9. That is a fantastic landscape effect Janet! And the story is wonderful...I hope Roland manages t find the family tree :D XXX


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