Friday, 10 August 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 32 Malta

Roland Poland writes to his brother Malcolm,

Hi Malcolm,
We are in Malta at the moment.  Well Xui
and the missus and kids are.  I am stuck
on the cruise boat as I have been poorly
after all the ice creams last week.
Xui brought this medal back yesterday, 
the Maltese Cross, and I thought you might
like it, what with you liking the military and all.

Here is his travel book page, some of the sights our hero could see from the cabin.

There is a view of Valletta Harbour, the prow of fishing boats with the painted eye, a piece of Maltese lace and a Maltese terrier.  The Megalithic temples of Malta are thought to have been built around 3,600BC. My husband John already had the Order of Malta medal and I used it to fashion one for the postcard as I knew he wouldn't let me keep it! The real medal is above the word Malta.

The postcard was brayered, spritzed and then stamped with a stylised flower which looks very similar to the National Flower of Malta - the Rock Centuary.  The medal was made from card, brads, and embossing powders.

Thank you for visiting and I do hope you will follow the other travellers on their year long quest (link in sidebar).


  1. Wonderful medal, you have copied it very well. Nice idea to use the silhouette flowers. Great page. Hope Roland feels better next week.
    Jen x

  2. Great art this week...BUT, POOR ROLAND!!! Wishing him well...

    HEaling Hugs for Roland...

  3. Lovely card, hope R. soon feels better! Valerei

  4. well done a great copy of the medal. a lovely card and travel page. poor Roland....

  5. Nothing could be worse than being sick while touring. Poor RP, missing all the fun places on shore. Love the concocted Order of Malta medal. Looks real to me.

  6. aww poor Roland, I am sure nothing will keep him down for long. Great copy of the medal, and how wonderful to have a real one too.

  7. Another great card & page - So the Medal belongs to your husband (the real one medal) -How did he earned it?


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