Friday, 3 August 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 31 Denmark

The Xong family are enjoying the school holidays in Denmark.  They have hired bicycles to visit the places of interest.

Our hero writes to his brother,

Hi Malcolm,
Have you ever seen a better icecream?
It is a waffle cone full of liquorice icecream, marshmallow
topping, sprinkles, chocolate and jam.  The Danes call it guf.
I have eaten quite a few off the pavement as they are
hard to hold and often get dropped!
Lucky I am here to help.

Here are the pages in his travel book

These are some of the sights Roland Poland enjoyed whilst sitting in the basket on Xui's bicycle.

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you will visit the other travellers on this epic journey (link in sidebar).


  1. That dog has his priorities right! Valerie

  2. I'm with Roland on that ice cream (well, the bit about it being amazing looking, rather than eating it off the pavement!).

  3. omg that is one heck of an icecream!! I am pretty sure i would hang onto it for dear life hahaha

  4. looks a great ice cream, I am with Darcy, I would make sure I hung on to it...nice to know that Roland is getting around in comfort. ah ah..

  5. A win for Roland this week, that ice cream looks amazing. Good page.
    Jen x

  6. WOWZER that is One HUge Waffle cone-I'd have brain freeze for sure after eating that! Love All the images.

  7. Haha...guf means something totally different here :D Spelled with 2 f's it can mean "nonsense" or (locally) to break wind :D I think I prefer the Danish version :D XXX

  8. Licorice ice cream? My dh would dearly love that. Wondering if gaf is for real or if you made it up.


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