Friday, 25 May 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 21 England

Xui has come to England to join in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations (only corgis allowed).  Roland Poland, not wanting to be on the east coast in case he bumps into the Black Dog from Whitby, travels up the west coast to visit  his half-brother Malcolm, in Carlisle.
He writes:
Hi Malcolm,
Great day meeting up with you & the lads again. 
We certainly took the town apart.
Here is the photograph that was taken in the backyard
of the betting shop.  Pity you're not on it but 
someone had to take the photo.
PS. Had to have ANOTHER bath as one of
       you lot has got fleas.  Thanks!

Here is the page I made for his travel book
I have selected my choice of iconic images, the map, flag, sporting insignia, a page from the Doomsday Book and the Royal Pavilion at Brighton (my favouritist place of all!)
The postcard is a collage of stamps from Joanna Sheen (thanks Wanda!) and I Brake for Stamps together with free clip art coloured, cut out and mounted.  The brick wall stamp has been coloured with watercolours.
I do hope you will visit the other travellers on this most interesting challenge (link at sidebar).


  1. Love it! Where do you get your ideas from? Glad the cat and dog stamps came in handy. I believe they are discontinued now. Like the page as well with the George Cross and the fabulous Brighton Royal Pavilion. I'm glad you managed to take a break from outside chores.

  2. Great postcard, nice to see all the gang! Valerie

  3. Love all the dogs, shame we did not see Malcolm. Great page, you managed to get lots of good stuff on there.
    Jen x

  4. that Roland :D There's room here for him when he finishes his journey :D XXX

  5. This story touches my heart, it AND your art! Always makes me smile...


  6. Lovely! I know the Pavillion well, one of my favs too!
    Glad to hear Roland has touched base with some of his mates even if he's suffering a bit in the aftermath! M

  7. haha I love that photo of them all, just fantastic.

  8. Really Roland is such a down to earth dog. In spite if his worldly travels, he is still willing to hang with his flea bitten pals! ha! Means Xui will have to have Roland bathed and dipped!

  9. great postcard, beautifully done!

  10. what a great postcard. love all the dogs. it always makes me smile......

  11. Roland is one of my favorite characters in this whole challenge!!

  12. The lads looks awesome! I love this postcard! :)


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