Friday, 18 May 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 20 West Africa (Nigeria)

Whilst Xui is on a trade mission to Nigeria, his wife takes advantage of the opportunity to add to her substantial jewellery collection sourcing 'blood diamonds'.  Roland Poland, left to his own devices, decides to make himself known to the locals and wanders off into the countryside.

He writes to his brother Malcolm,
Hi Malcolm,
Went to a local village and the witch doctor came out and started
dancing around me.  He was waving a bone and when I jumped
up to get it, I bit his finger.
I think he put a curse on me because I have just seen
the Black Dog from Whitby following me around again.

Here is the page I made for him in his travel book.
I made the witch doctors on the postcard from grunge paper and jute fibres and coloured with Sharpies.  You can see the photo of the Lassa witch doctors that inspired me (all photos courtesty of Wikipedia Commons).  The large carving of an Edu woman is made of ivory and the large outcrop is Zuma Rock a famous landmark to visitors of Nigeria.
Do come and visit all the travellers on Darcy's Postcard Challenge (link in sidebar).


  1. Great card, looks nice and scary! Valerie

  2. Wonderful, textural card and of course, I love the story and book page...thanks for sharing and for your creative storytelling!!


  3. I love these guys!!!
    Great idea and creation!

  4. A great postcard and a great blog to read...

  5. Great postcard, I can see why Roland is scared. Well done getting it done, hard when your away. Can't get my e mail to work from here! In touch when I get back.
    Jen x

  6. love your tactile card, were the fibres easy to get hold of?

    Poor Roland, under a curse now lol I love this little dog.

  7. it's great LOVE the tassels <3

  8. Love this postcard! :) Lol! Doesn't a doctor know about dogs and bones? :) It was his own fault.

  9. Yet another LOL moment with Roland Poland! Very cever. Cool card and as usual a great storyline.

  10. Nice incorporation of the "Witch Doctor" masks
    So much dimension to the card-great job!

  11. oh I do like the straw fringes on the masks -

    great card,


  12. You are so dang clever! Love your witch doctors!!

  13. Great work, Janet. The witch doctors card is great. My cousin was a dental technician with the Baptist Foreign Mission Board all her adult life. She's been back in the US for a number of years. She has some interesting stories to tell.

    1. I forgot to say that she was in Nigeria all that time!


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