Friday, 11 May 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 19 Bulgaria

Roland Poland, half asleep under the table, hears Xui say "We must go and see Bulgaria".
When he wakes, they are gone so he makes his way immediately to Wimbledon Common, where he meets
up with Great Uncle Bulgaria and the other Wombles.
Great Uncle Bulgaria tells him of the beauty of his homeland and lets our hero look at The Atlas.  He then explains how Wombles, when they reach a certain age, choose their own names from The Atlas.
Roland writes to his brother Malcolm,
Hi Malcolm,
Am helping the Wombles with their recycling.  Just found
some fish and chips and recycled them myself.
They never touched the sides!
I must be related as I chose Poland from the Great Atlas.
Uncle Bulgaria mentioned our family tree, but I
can't tell which one it is.
Here are the travel pages I made for his book.
There is a photo of the Bulgarian countryside, a page from a newspaper printed in the Cyrillic alphabet, the flag and a very nice set of dog stamps released by BulgarPost. The postcard was made with Stampscapes stamps and copic markers.
I thank you for all your lovely comments and suggest that you go and see all the other travellers and their stories on Darcy's Post Card Challenge (link in sidebar)


  1. Another lovely postcard and book page! Valerie

  2. Brilliant idea, super postcard and book page. News page is clever.
    Jen x

  3. what a great idea...just love reading your postcard...

  4. Oh now this takes me back! loved the Wombles, lucky old Roland getting to hook up with them! M

  5. Hahahahaha, I could only think Of Uncle Bulgaria too (although a womble wasn't right for Lord James so I had to do some research)!

  6. Lol! That's funny! Great postcard and book pages! :)

  7. Enjoyed the latest chapter of Roland...I want to adopt him!!! Great art and story as well. Am learning about the Wombles as they're kind of new to me.


  8. glad some one did uncle Bulgaria..loved the Wombles :D XXX


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