Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Gothic Arches Challenge - Openings

My friend Frankie from DragonsDream Tag It On is this weeks guest host on Gothic Arches and so I thought I would have a go. I have never done an arch before and have seen very few so this is very much my interpretation of "Openings".

I used masks to colour the scene and then painted out the walkway or stairs with water. I drew freehand (shock, horror!) the handrail and stamped a small Clarity tree to show hope in such a bleak landscape. The brilliant sun draws the traveller onward and upward to better times.

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  1. Oh wow Janet. Drawing freehand - how brave and how successful. Your staircase is brilliant the rock face is very clever. Great arch.
    Beryl xx

  2. Stunning, Janet. Your drawing and painting are superb. I'd like to see more. The idea behind your piece is great, onward and upward. I love how the eye travels from dark to light.

    No apologies needed. Both Robert and Leslie were my uncles. I remember Robert better because Leslie was killed in an auto wreck along with his mother and grandmother when I was five and he was about 12.

  3. OOO Janet, what a wonderful interpretation of the theme ... I LOVE the mysterious nature of this piece, it looks as if I might see the sea over the opening in this cliff!!! Thanks for joining in on Gothic Arches this week... I am sure you will be back!!!

  4. Great idea!.. love the lonly tree!

  5. Hi Janet!

    Finally managed to comment. Love the gothic arch. You're right about the sun drawing you onward. I just want to know what is across that path or rope bridge (as I see it)




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