Friday, 7 September 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 36 Egypt

Xui is on a trade mission to the new democratic Egypt.  Roland Poland is still haunted by black dogs and has been medicated.

He writes to his half-brother Malcolm in Carlisle.

Hi Malcolm,
We are staying at a really nice hotel in Alexandria,
called the Montaza Palace.
I have had my Valium and everything is lovelly.
I am watching the rainbow clouds as they drift
across the sky.
I love everybody Malcolm,
especially you.


Here are the pages in his travel book

We have included a Nile River scene at Aswan, the sphinx and pyramids at Giza and a snap of the Montaza Palace hotel in Alexandria.  The black basalt statue is of Anubis, a God of the Dead.  Roland Poland just sees him as another black dog that is causing such mayhem in his life.  Xui just thinks he is paranoid.

The postcard is from a drawing in a children's colouring book.  I have printed the outline and coloured it with Copic Markers and gold metallic pen.  The background colour is Pan Pastels.

Thank you for stopping by this week and I do hope you will visit the other travellers (see sidebar for link).
Thank you to Darcy at Art and Soul for organizing this challenge and for allowing us to accompany her on this year long journey.


  1. Poor Roland though the pills seem to have put him in a happy place. Super colouring of the postcard and like your page.
    Jen x

  2. Poor Roland !! Great card and page. A xx

  3. lol, ummmm I mean poor dear Roland - of course.

    super card <3

  4. Love the continuing saga of Roland and his adventures. Hope the Valium does the trick for him. Me, I love black dogs. I have had 1 part beagle with lots of black on her and I've had 2 black labs. Your painting is bright and cheery. Kudos.

  5. Poor Roland, but he does seem to be making the most of his vallium haze! Great postcard and page; I think I have that painting book, too! Valerie

  6. a great card and page..poor roland and his black dogs.!!

  7. Would Roland be willing to share his Valium? Some days I think we all could use a relaxing day...
    Love the card .

  8. great card, love the striking pose. lol at Roland and his happy pills.


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