Friday, 14 September 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 37 Greece

Roland Poland's medication is not just right and he has taken to the streets to help Loukanikos (Riot Dog) with the demonstrations over the collapse of the Euro.  He writes from the police Dog Pound.

Hi Malcolm,
Have been having a great time with my mate Louk - helping
out with the demos in Athens.
Had a few run ins with the police - lots of barking and snarling
but got captured last night.
I think my tablets are wearing off - feeling a bit shaky.
Hope Xui comes soon.

The postcard is a cartoon drawn by the Brazilian political satirist Georg Latuff, and depicts Riot Dog Loukanikos.  This dog has been present at many of the demonstrations that have taken place throughout Greece in recent years up to the present.  He is believed to be son of the famous Kanellos who was a major player in the civil unrest that started with a General Strike in 2008.  Kanellos (transl. Cinammon) sadly died in 2011.

Here is the travel page in Roland's book.

We have included The Parthenon and some very smart Greek Soldiers.  On the pocket page we have a photo of the demonstrations, the Greek euro and a poster of Riot Dog is Ready to Fight!  I am so sad that the people of Greece are suffering in this way.

I do hope you will visit the other travellers on this mammoth quest! (link in sidebar)


  1. Cheeky postcard. Great angle to explore for Greece. Interesting page too.
    Jen x

  2. Your superb storyline continues, RP will be about ready for a good lie down in December! Thought provoking card, your pages are such a lovely mix of Greek images. M

  3. I love that pissing dog! LOL! Great page!

  4. I love that dog, great cartoon! Love the story, and your page is superb, as usual. Poor Roland does get into some scrapes, doesn't he? Valerie

  5. What a brilliant image :D Hadn't heard of the riot dog...hope Roland gets out of jail soon :S XXX

  6. My oh my caught in the riots, hope all is well, great page.

  7. a great postcard. poor Roland not have much luck lately.

  8. LOVE the humor...and while I'm commenting, I thought your Egypt card was fabulous!!


  9. hahaha great cartoon image, poor Roland he needs a bit of good luck.


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