Friday, 21 September 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 38 Dubai

Mrs Xong collected Roland Poland from the dog pound in Athens.  She was very cross.  They have flown to  Dubai as Mrs Xong is representing The People's Republic of China as Dubai is twinned with Shanghai.  Mrs Xong intends getting some serious shopping done.  Our hero is back on the tablets.

He writes to his brother Malcolm in Carlisle

Hi Malcolm,
In the doghouse again except its the 75th floor with a great view of the clouds
and the noise of the helipad outside my window.  It's doing my head in.
The missus, who is out shopping AGAIN, said I am barking (mad) but
Malcolm, I am quiet as a mouse.

Here are the pages of his travel book.  We have included scenes of the Burj al Arab hotel where he is staying.  You can see the helipad jutting out from the top right hand side.  Palm Island, the gold souk and the airport are all featured as well as a lovely view over the mountainous desert complete with hot air balloon.

The postcard is a sketch of the Burj al Arab hotel, the only 7* hotel in the world. It has been coloured with Copic markers, distress ink and white pen.

Thank you for visiting and I do hope you will hop over and see the other travellers in this year long quest (see  sidebar).


  1. Sorry the travel book photo has not published this week. Blogger seems to have eaten it and as I am away from home, I cannot do much about it. I can tell you that it is really, really good! ha ha.

    Janet xx

  2. Looking forward to seeing the page. Super drawing and colouring of the postcard. Hope Roland gets well soon.
    Jen x

  3. the postcard is great, love it! I had a dreadful time with pics a couple of weeks ago & finally had to contact them...I hope you don't have that much trouble {crosses fingers}


  4. Fab drawing of this incredible structure!

  5. Love your card, poor Roland is not having fun just now, is he? Valerie

  6. a good drawing, well done. poor roland, think he will glad to get home.

  7. I look forward to catching up with Roland Poland every week, he has such an interesting life even if it's fraught problems! Love your card! Mx

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