Friday, 27 July 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 30 India

Roland Poland  writes to his half-brother Malcolm,

Hi Malcolm,
Was half asleep, under the table, when I heard Xui say,
"Let's go to the Taj Mahal".
GREAT - I thought - chicken bhuna and poppadums, 
my favourite.
What a let down - nothing to eat and not a waiter
in sight.  Not like the Bengal Spice in Morecambe.

Here is the travel book page I made for the ungrateful little chap.

I have included snake charmers and elephants together with festival dancing and bathing in the Ganges.  The colours are simply wonderful.
The postcard has been brayered over a resist paisley pattern and stamped with a variety of stamps from Tanda and  Non Sequitor.  It seemed appropriate to include lots of bling as the colours seemed to shout for it!
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  1. Lovely card. Poor chappie not getting his food! My doggie used to adore poppadums! Valerie

  2. Loads of wonderful colour and bling just right for India. Poor old Roland disappointed in his people yet again. Love his comments.
    Jen x

  3. Loving RP's adventures...and representative art!!!

  4. I know just how Roland feels...really fancy indian for supper(possibly because of all the postcards today lol), and they want kebab :S
    Fabulous patterns and colours :D XXX

  5. another fun card. great colours on your postcard and your travel page is great. poor Roland.....

  6. I like your brayering technique. It makes a beautiful background for the postcard. Great scenes of India. And doesn't that paisley look just like an elephant's head complete with curled trunk?

  7. aww bless him, missing out on a scrummy dinner. I really like the elephant in the corner, is that a stamp?

  8. The colors needed the Bling! -The page has lots of great images on it too.

  9. Lovely journal page and card.


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