Friday, 13 July 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 28 Germany

Roland Poland and Mrs Xong are in Berlin for Fashion Week.

He writes to his half-brother Malcolm

Hi Malcolm,
As you can see, we are in Berlin for Fashion Week.
It is full of birdcages and skinny women dressed in leather.
The missus has got me some leder hosen and they are
rather tight in certain places.
It is hell being a fashion accessory.

Here is the page I made for his travel book.

We have included Alfred Einstein, Ludwig Von Beethoven and The Brothers Grimm, a name, incidentally,  by which Roland Poland and Malcolm were known when they were puppies.  A couple wearing national costume, featuring leder hosen and the make of his favourite motor,  Mercedes Benz.

The postcard was made using brayer resist method and stamps from LB stamps and Sugar Nellie.

I do hope you will visit the other travellers on this most informative and exciting adventure. (link in sidebar).  Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Lovely postcard, but you could have put a picture of me on your German page! Valerie

  2. No! I can't believe those cute pups would be known by such a title...much lol :D XXX

  3. Oh poor love, leder hosen for dogs eek! Fun card and I love your pages! M

  4. Postcard looks great, somehow it is hard to imagine Roland as a fashion accessory!
    Jen x

  5. a good fun postcard a great page as well.

  6. What fun leder hosen. Great images.

  7. Love the background of your card -The stamped image is so cute.

  8. love that stamp, her skinny legs in stripey tights are fabulous. Just what I would wear, though I am not skinny lol

  9. Your postcard is great. I love the beautiful background and the very trim young lady. Never been to Berlin, but I have been to Germany a number of times. Once we were in a very ancient town south of Rothenberg and I saw a suede hat exactly the color of a suit I had bought a few years before in Ireland. I just had to have it, but it was "zu teuer". I remember the saleslady saying: aber ist Leder! So of course, I bought it and still wear it occasionally. (But I no longer fit into the suit.)


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