Friday, 20 July 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 29 Ireland

This week finds Xui and our canine warrior in Ireland, enjoying the sights and sounds of the Emerald Isle.
Roland Poland writes to his brother, Malcolm,

Hi Malcolm,
Ireland is a great place.
We are out all day on windswept beaches and spend
the evenings in cosy pubs.
I like lying in front of the fire, drinking Guinness out
of a saucer and eating crisps.
Can life get better than this?

Here is his travel book

We have included some of the sights RP has seen on his visit, The Giant's Causeway and a typical rural countryside landscape.  Famous Irish folk include Van Morrison, Oscar Wilde and the characters of Father Ted, one of RP's favourite comedies.
The postcard was inspired by a photo I saw when researching this project, and was hand drawn and coloured with Distress Inks and white acrylic paint.
Thank you for visiting and do follow the other travellers on this around the world adventure (link in sidebar).


  1. Lovely postcard, and reminded me of my dog, Scruffy. She had been a stray, and was very fond of beer. I suppose she went begging in pubs and got beer to drink. But she soon settled down to a sober and luxurious dog's life with us! Valerie

  2. hahaha...surprised if Roland doesn't call by Craggy Island...can just see him and Father Jack getting up to all sorts of mischief :D xxx

  3. Lovely painted postcard.You have captured the coastline so well. Good page too. I can see Roland as a big hit in an Irish pub.
    Jen x

  4. Love the [painted postcard and the story...Roland is the BEST!! :o)

  5. wouldnt mind a guinness and packet of crisps right now, but in a glass not a saucer..nice postcard,good travel page ....

  6. Love the emerald coast line card. Your book pages always have such great images & lots of information!

  7. aww I can just see him drinking fro a saucer, out dog used to love a cup of tea poured into a saucer lol

  8. Great postcard, Janet. And the wind-swept beach picture is wonderful. Ireland is a great place to vacation and I'm sure Roland enjoyed his visit there.


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