Friday, 1 June 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 22 Thailand

Xui is gambling again on the Thai Boxing Finals in Bangkok and Roland Poland learns a fascinating fact.

He writes to his half-brother Malcolm

Hi Malcolm,
Do you know that the dog 
on the stamp was a stray 
that was adopted by H.M. The King of Thailand.  
Talk about falling off the Co-Op roof and landing
in the Divvie!  
Wouldn't have minded being rehomed with the
Queen when I was at Manchester Dogs Home.
Some folk live the life of Riley!

The dog to which our hero refers is Khun Tongdaeng - The Royal Dog.  She was adopted by the King as a tiny puppy in 1998 and raised  with a litter belonging to another of the King's dogs.  In 2000 she had a litter of 9 puppies of her own and they all live with H.M. The King of Thailand.  A First Day Cover was produced in 2006 to illustrate the activities of Khun Tongdaeng and her family.  I have included a picture of this in Roland Poland's travel book.

My postcard of Thai boxing is inspired by a photograph I saw on The Lonely Planet site.  I have coloured the background with Distress Stains Shabby Shutters and drawn the figures with grey Copic Markers.  The travel book shows scenes of great beauty around Thailand.  I should love to visit myself one day.

Do please visit the other travellers on this fascinating journey (see sidebar for link) and thank you for the lovely comments you leave - they are most uplifting.


  1. Great card, and a lovely doggie-story to go with it. That was sure a lucky dog! Valerie

  2. Good drawing, well done you. Love the dog pics and story, Roland sounds rather jealous. Don't blame him.It is a beautiful country isn't it.
    Jen x

  3. Great drawing. Love your story. A xx

  4. I missed out on a couple of weeks and very glad to see Roland still traveling. Love your card and page! ♥

  5. Great commentary on the stamp and Roland's reaction to it...great drawing as well!! Always FUN!!


  6. great story about the dog..

  7. great card, lovely research about the adopted dog.

  8. another lovely postcard and very good research.

  9. That's a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing! Fantastic postcard!

  10. Love your Thai kick boxing theme, great sketch! M

  11. Janet the book page is very nice- The information about the 'adopted' dog was new info for me TFS


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