Friday, 8 June 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 23 Poland

Xui is visiting shipyards in Gdansk this week so our canine warrior, Roland Poland,  heads into the countryside in search of his family tree.
He writes to his brother Malcolm,
Hi Malcolm,
Came to Gryfino to see the Crooked Forest.  It is a 
very spiritual place and I have soaked up quite a bit
of the local spirit (vodka).  The trees now seem to be
straightening up!
The trunks are conveniently close to the ground.  I have
made my mark but not sure if it was our family tree.
Here is the page I made for his travel book
You can see a corner of a  photo of the Crooked Forest that was my inspiration this week's adventure.  Famous Polish people form the basis of the main page, Pope John Paul II, Marie Curie (parents Polish), Nicholas Kapernicus and a happy couple in traditional dress from Lublin. Music tissue tape on the pocket represents Chopin.  Some Polish canine postage stamps complete the picture.
My postcard was hand drawn and coloured entirely with  PanPastels, using the little applicators that come with the sets.  It took me ages and the trees still look to be floating in mid air despite going over the shadows again and again!  I guess practice is the only cure!!
Thank you for your lovely kind comments and do follow the other travellers on this most ambitious challenge (link sidebar).


  1. Lovely card and the album is lovely, too! Valerie

  2. Brilliant idea, perfect for Roland, his comments are a hoot, still chuckling. The postcard and page are super.
    Jen x

  3. Well done, trees. THey must have some awfully powerful winds in that forest!!!


  4. Roland, bless him, he did his best afterall!
    Love your page and choice of images. M

  5. Laughing over Roland leaving his mark. heehee. I hadn't heard of the crooked forest. Great subject! Was wondering what Roland would be up to in his namesake country...!

  6. Oh, is that what they mean with a family tree. Thank you for brushing up my English! :)
    Cuddles to Roland! Love your Crooked Forest! ♥

  7. it looks great! crooked forest would be cool to see in RL


  8. great trees, had a laugh with Roland leaving his mark. well done...

  9. Janet LOL when I read how Roland left his mark!! BTW this is another interesting fact about POland I did not know about- "The Crooked Trees"

  10. I think your trees look like they are dancing....I like the idea of dancing trees, with Roland trying to "make his mark" lol :D XXX


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