Friday, 29 June 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 26 United States of America

Xui is in Chicago attending a finance conference.  Mrs Xong, accompanied by Roland Poland, is sourcing Native American jewellery on an Indian reservation.

He writes to his half-brother Malcolm,
Hi Malcolm,
This is the medicine man, he does a lot of dancing
and howling and in the firelight, he looks
like that Black Dog from Whitby.
He's OK really when he's not been smoking
that pipe.
Living in a tent like we did at Glastonbury and
my Indian tribal name is GetsInWay.
PS There was no sign of Uncle Hughie.

Here is the page I made for him this week for his travel book.  We have included one of Roland Poland's all time heroes Rin Tin Tin.  The lovely vintage poster of Chicago is by Vintage FeedSacks (link in sidebar).

The postcard  medicine man image is from I Brake For Stamps and the buffalo from TandaStamps, coloured with Copic markers.
Thank you for stopping by and do feel free to leave a comment - I appreciate every one.  You are also invited  to follow the other travellers in this most interesting challenge (link in sidebar).


  1. Lovely work! Jason was in Chicago, too, I wonder if they met? Valerie

  2. Fabulous postcard, love it and the sentiment. Love that dog too, you have him write some funny stuff, still chuckling at Gets in Way!
    Jen x

  3. lol Getsinway, I so know this one. Great card!

  4. Excellent card-- art and writing!

  5. hahahahaha i love the name he was given, perfect.

  6. Love Roland's card this week! very funny! and what an idol to have Rin Rin Tin! totally fab! M

  7. a great postcard again. so funny your card. like his tribal name.. half way, keep up the good work...


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