Saturday, 30 October 2010

What a surprise!

I received this marvellous piece of artwork in the post on Thursday from my friend Jill who makes the most wonderful art canvasses and altered art. Amongst her many talents is art journalling, something she has only taken up recently but shows prodigious talent at.
This halloween piece is made of Gesso Board - very similar to Stamp Board but without the china clay finish. The surface is more textured and sealed with gesso.
Do visit Jill's blog over at it is well worth looking at some of her older posts too to see what a wide variety of artwork she enjoys. It is often a source of inspiration for me.


  1. That is a beautiful gift, Janet. The colors are so pretty together. About the parchment paper. I have a great bit of trouble adhering it to a backing and images onto it. The snail-type roller tape doesn't stick and the tiny glue dots don't either. So far I've had fair luck at Elmer's glue stick, of all things! But the look of the paper, the translucent quality is lovely.

  2. Fabulous piece of work. Will go take a look at her blog.
    Jen x


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