Thursday, 8 July 2010

Stamp Addicts Retreat #3

Here are a few of the cards we made. I haven't posted all of them because some I still haven't completed and others I am not keen on - not my style.

This is my very first easel card and I am amazed I haven't made one before. They are so easy to put together! As you may not know, I am a big fan of animals so I like to use them whenever possible! Ain't he cute?

The next two cards use a very simple technique of stamping over a block stamp. This highlights the image and lifts the image off the page. We used brush markers to "thump" colour onto the stamp for some variation.

The card with the pears on was quite easy to make and I think it is very attractive. However, I do not think I would eat pears quite as green as mine!

I managed to come home with all the fruit stamps together with one or two more! he he

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  1. Beautiful cards Janet, so nice to see what you made at the Stamp Addicts Retreat.
    Off to check your other posts.
    Christine xx

  2. Love the cards Janet. You're right about the block stamp making the fruit pop off the card.

    I'd have been disappointed if you ahdn't come home with 'some' stamps and the fruit ones are lovely.




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