Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bandana Technique

This is my entry to Art-Cards-Challenge-Blog using the Bandana Technique.  I have never tried to do this form of decoration and have given it my best shot after looking at various examples.  I must say, I found it almost as addictive as zentangling!
My background is blended Distress Stains, Peeled Paint and Broken China and I have used a La Blanche flourish stamped in black ink and outlined and shaded with a black fineliner pen and a white Pentel pen.
I thoroughly enjoyed making it and may well do some more in the future.  I think a more 'line art' stamp would be better next time but can see lots of possibilities.
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Friday, 27 April 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 17 Norway

Terrified by the "black dog" running loose in Whitby, and not prepared to wait for Xui to collect him, our lovable rogue Roland Poland seeks sanctuary on a Norwegian trawler - destination Trondheim.

He writes to his half-brother Malcolm
Hi Malcolm,
Am working at a fish processing factory owned by my new friend
Axel Skislope.
Having fun by putting extra salt in the fish bits going for cat food -
what do you think, Malc - that should make them thirsty!
Here is the page in his travel book I have made for him.  We have included Ibsen, Grieg and The Scream, all of which have impacted on our lives at some time or another.
My postcard is made from a photograph by Peter Viscontay that has been converted to a pencil sketch and coloured with Copic Markers.  I have stamped the mountains from Stampscapes and glittered them and used the music collage from Free Vintage Digi Stamps (link in sidebar).  Thank you for all your lovely comments - I must say it is getting difficult with the narrative after 17 weeks and your support spurs me on!  Please go and look at all the lovely entries to this challenge - link on my sidebar.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Rainbow Lady's Challenge #202 - On the Street where you Live

I don't live on a street up here in bonny Scotland, in the middle of a field is a better description!
For my 8x8 card I have used a stencil by Imagination Crafts called The Village.  The sunset background is created with  PanPastels and has been stencilled using Black Soot Distress Inks.  Mounted onto black card and then onto a scrapbook paper from I know not where.
I tried using black PanPastel through the stencil, on my first attempt, but the result was disappointing as it was not sharp enough.  Trial and error is the watchword as I experiment  and find more uses for them.  The guy who invented these should have a knighthood!
I should also like to enter this card into the Craft a Scene challenge - Silhouettes.
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CD Sunday Challenge - Sweets for my Sweet

This 3D card is from Fee J Designs "Time for Tea" CD.  I thought the cupcake would be sweet enough to qualify!  The sugar bowl and cup cake have been decoupaged several times and it really looks effective.  I like the way the cup stands above the top of the card to give it extra dimension.
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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

DragonsDream TIO #114 -Secret Garden

I have used a beautiful napkin, given to me by friend Jen, for the base of this tag. It is adhered to the tag with Golden Soft Mat Gel.  The rosette is made with paper from Laura Ashley and has been punched along one side.  The middle is a stamp from Stampin Up.  A mini envelope and secret letter complete.
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Friday, 20 April 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 16 Romania

Last week saw our intrepid hero afloat on an oil rig supply vessel in the North Sea, having missed the Xong family holiday and rock festival in Iceland.  Despite foul weather conditions, the Captain  has managed to
put him ashore on the beach in Whitby.
He writes to his brother Malcolm,
Hi Malcolm,
Got dropped off by the supply boat last night in Whitby, just below
the Abbey, despite the stormy seas.
There have been reports of a large viscious black dog running about
loose causing mayhem.
Some think he's a Count from Romania.
Bit worried as Xui can't come until the weekend.
I can hear him howling on the cliffs as I write ....
Here is the page I made for him in his travel book
My postcard has been made using PanPastels for the background and stamping using versamark to catch the PanPastels and also black Memento ink.  The stamps are from Stampscapes (eyes) Crafty Individuals (Whitby Abbey) and Chocolate  Baroque (howling wolf).
I have been away on a crafty visit this week so everything has been a bit rushed today.  If I haven't been to see your work I certainly will over the next few days.  Thank you for your lovely comments I find them all very encouraging and look forward to seeing what everyone else has done on their travels.

Monday, 16 April 2012

CD Sunday Challenge - Ring a Roses

I designed my 6 x 6 card in Craft Artist, as I am away visiting friends this week.  The kit I used is designed by Shelley Marie.  This is my first Craft Artist card and took me ages!

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Friday, 13 April 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 15 Iceland

The Xong family are in Iceland for the Easter holidays.  Xui has tickets for the ALDREI FOR EG SUDUR Rock Festival (transl. I  Never Went South), which is taking place this weekend.
Roland Poland is down at the harbour, having made the acquaintance of two sailors, when he overhears one say to the other. "Time we went to the Gig".
He writes to his half-brother Malcolm, in Carlisle.

Hi Malcolm,
I should be at a rock concert but I am on a supply ship in the North Sea.
I got confused by the sailors' foreign accent and instead of a GIG, I am on my way
to an OIL RIG instead.
It's disappointing but from the deck of the ship I can see the laser lights in the sky.

Here is the page I made in his travel book.
I have incorporated his rock festival ticket, the flag, dog sled and the lovely knitted textiles made with Icelandic wool.  The wonderful Icelandic horses performing the unique tolt pace (the one on the right looks very like my Fell Pony Finn) and a typical Icelandic church.  I found it very interesting whilst researching this country that the architecture is very similar to the north east of Scotland where I live (Moray Firth) and the church is actually one that overlooks Macduff harbour, just along the coast from my house.  It would not look out of place in Iceland at all.
My postcard is coloured with PanPastels, copic markers and white gel pen.
Thanks for all your lovely comments and I look forward to visiting you all over the coming week.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 14 - Singapore

Xui Xong, our hero's benefactor, has travelled to Singapore to meet up with his millionaire friends and spend some time enjoying all that Singapore's nightlife has to offer.  Naturally he has taken his little canine friend  Roland Poland with him.
Young Poland writes to his half-brother Malcolm,
Hi Malcolm,
Went with Xui to the casino.  They have a game called roulette where they whizz a ball around
a circle.  Everytime I caught it before it had stopped.  They got upset and threw me out.
But, Malcolm, I was very good at catching it.

Here are the pages I made in his travel book.
It has been lovely making these today as it has been snowing outside!  My postcard is hand drawn and coloured with Copic markers.  The Marina Bay Hotel in Singapore is a 5 star hotel with commanding views over the sea.  It also has a very prestigious casino - entrance to non residents S$100.  Thank you for all your encouraging comments and I look forward to visiting you over the next week.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

DragonsDream TIO#113 - Angels and Demons

Tried out my new toys - PanPastels for the background on this tag.  I stamped the Clarity wire heart in Versamark onto a blue tag and then sponged two shades of blue and one of green PanPastel over the top.
Then with black Archival I stamped the female statue face from Graphicus and  with blue Archival stamped the crows from Lost Coast Designs.
The statue has the face of an angel, the crows are the demons.  Unfortunately a pair of crows are building a nest in a silver birch tree in my front garden.  They will be moved on tomorrow when the snow has melted a bit more and it is safe to put up the ladders.  I wouldn't do them any harm but they can relocate themselves in the wood across the road so that the little garden birds can bring up their young without having baby eating monsters right on their doorstep.
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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

CD Sunday Challenge - All Sewn Up

I have used a lovely image from Joanna Sheen's Portraits of the Orient for my card this week.  The geisha is embroidering a silken panel.  The background papers are from the design set and I have added paper roses and ribbon with pearl sliders for embellishment.
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Sunday, 1 April 2012

A New Member of the Family

This is the latest addition to the mad house.  I have lots of jobs lined up for it to do, just hoping the operator comes up to snuff!   We are too old for the lugging that is needed around here so we are hoping this little fella will provide the muscle.  First job is a few rows of potatoes in the field behind.  Maybe a lake/pond  next year down in the wood.

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