Friday, 28 September 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 39 Czech Republic

Xui is reunited with Roland Poland and they have been for a lovely peaceful walk in the Czech countryside.  Xui is very concerned about his little friend's constant anxiety.

Roland Poland writes to his half-brother Malcolm,

Hi Malcolm,
Been on a walk with Xui in the beautiful countryside
looking at all the sheep.
Xui asked the interpreter what the notices on the
fence said.  He told him
and they're right Malcolm.
I am not going to worry any more and I am going
to enjoy the puppet theatre tonight.

Here are the pages we made in his travel book

We have included a view of the walk they went on (sheep have since gone to market), and views around Prague together with dancers in national costume and stars of the Puppet Theatre of Prague's production of Don Giovanni.

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I have managed to insert the travel book photo for Dubai that was missing last week.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 38 Dubai

Mrs Xong collected Roland Poland from the dog pound in Athens.  She was very cross.  They have flown to  Dubai as Mrs Xong is representing The People's Republic of China as Dubai is twinned with Shanghai.  Mrs Xong intends getting some serious shopping done.  Our hero is back on the tablets.

He writes to his brother Malcolm in Carlisle

Hi Malcolm,
In the doghouse again except its the 75th floor with a great view of the clouds
and the noise of the helipad outside my window.  It's doing my head in.
The missus, who is out shopping AGAIN, said I am barking (mad) but
Malcolm, I am quiet as a mouse.

Here are the pages of his travel book.  We have included scenes of the Burj al Arab hotel where he is staying.  You can see the helipad jutting out from the top right hand side.  Palm Island, the gold souk and the airport are all featured as well as a lovely view over the mountainous desert complete with hot air balloon.

The postcard is a sketch of the Burj al Arab hotel, the only 7* hotel in the world. It has been coloured with Copic markers, distress ink and white pen.

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Friday, 14 September 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 37 Greece

Roland Poland's medication is not just right and he has taken to the streets to help Loukanikos (Riot Dog) with the demonstrations over the collapse of the Euro.  He writes from the police Dog Pound.

Hi Malcolm,
Have been having a great time with my mate Louk - helping
out with the demos in Athens.
Had a few run ins with the police - lots of barking and snarling
but got captured last night.
I think my tablets are wearing off - feeling a bit shaky.
Hope Xui comes soon.

The postcard is a cartoon drawn by the Brazilian political satirist Georg Latuff, and depicts Riot Dog Loukanikos.  This dog has been present at many of the demonstrations that have taken place throughout Greece in recent years up to the present.  He is believed to be son of the famous Kanellos who was a major player in the civil unrest that started with a General Strike in 2008.  Kanellos (transl. Cinammon) sadly died in 2011.

Here is the travel page in Roland's book.

We have included The Parthenon and some very smart Greek Soldiers.  On the pocket page we have a photo of the demonstrations, the Greek euro and a poster of Riot Dog is Ready to Fight!  I am so sad that the people of Greece are suffering in this way.

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Friday, 7 September 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 36 Egypt

Xui is on a trade mission to the new democratic Egypt.  Roland Poland is still haunted by black dogs and has been medicated.

He writes to his half-brother Malcolm in Carlisle.

Hi Malcolm,
We are staying at a really nice hotel in Alexandria,
called the Montaza Palace.
I have had my Valium and everything is lovelly.
I am watching the rainbow clouds as they drift
across the sky.
I love everybody Malcolm,
especially you.


Here are the pages in his travel book

We have included a Nile River scene at Aswan, the sphinx and pyramids at Giza and a snap of the Montaza Palace hotel in Alexandria.  The black basalt statue is of Anubis, a God of the Dead.  Roland Poland just sees him as another black dog that is causing such mayhem in his life.  Xui just thinks he is paranoid.

The postcard is from a drawing in a children's colouring book.  I have printed the outline and coloured it with Copic Markers and gold metallic pen.  The background colour is Pan Pastels.

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Thank you to Darcy at Art and Soul for organizing this challenge and for allowing us to accompany her on this year long journey.

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