Friday, 28 December 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 52 Mexico

Very sore and recovering from his trip to the vets, Roland Poland finally receives his mail - ALL the letters he wrote to Carmen have been returned unopened, in a bundle wrapped in brown string.  It is accompanied by a postcard from Carmen, who is in Mexico with her sister, Maria.

Here is the travel page we made for him.

She writes,

Bye Poland

It would never have worked.


The next thing our hero knows is when he is woken up by a comforting paw around his shoulders and gently shaking him, Malcolm asks "Are you alright?  You were sobbing in your sleep".
Roland Poland, very bemused says "Then all this was just a dream?"
"Let's go and find some breakfast says Malcolm and as the two trot down Botchergate, Roland Poland thinks that Carlisle has never looked so beautiful.

                                                                    THE  END

Thank you to Darcy at Art and Sole for organizing this most wonderful challenge.  I have 'grown' so much from the experience and thank you to all my visitors who have commented on this year long quest.


  1. Great card and page. Sorry our hero did not win his lady but Carlisle and Cumbria is a great place to be especially with friends. Great trip Janet, Roland's stories have been a blast.
    Jen x

  2. Hahaha....classic ending, never saw that coming :D So glad you made it to the end of the challenge, I think Roland was my favourite character :D XXX

  3. Love the card....congrats on finishing.

  4. Aw. Super last card. Thank you for all the fun of letting me look in on a dog's life.


  5. Janet, it has been such fun to follow along as your story line developed. Wonderful journalism. And all the accompanying art was terrific. So glad I came along for the ride. Looking forward to more of your lovely art work in 2013.

  6. a great card and story, a pleasure to read, had many a it.
    congrats to getting to the end of the challenge. best wishes for the coming year.x

  7. I'm waiting for the "Life and Adventures of Roland Poland" novel...for kids and adults. You wove a wonderful story with some equally wonderful illustrations.
    I feel fortunate to have shared Roland's journeys and your creativity and sense of humor.
    Wishing you the best in 2013...I hope your year (and Roland's) is stellar!!!

    Hugs and love to you, Janet...
    xoxoxo, Abby

  8. aww glad he is home, I agree this story would make a great kids book. thankyou for playing along. x

  9. Hi Janet, thanks for the visit to my Li'l Redhead. I hope you will be adding to your blog soon. I tried to reply to the email yahoo sent me from you via the comment, but I get the noreply return address. I guess you are just trying to stay fairly warm up there in the far north. And catching up on your reading.


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