Friday, 7 December 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 49 Sweden

The Xong family have decided to adopt the stray pug known as Carmen as our hero is so smitten with her.  She is having the necessary injections in order that she can join them at their next destination.

He writes to his brother Malcolm,

Hi Malcolm,
We are in Sweden, the land of Abba and I can't help
thinking about Carmen, she's my Dancing Queen.
I have written to her every day but have not yet
received a reply.  I expect it is the post.
Can't wait for her to join me.


Here are the pages in his travel book.

Apart from Abba, of course, we have included the Oresund Bridge between Malmo and Copenhagen, Denmark in tribute to the excellent crime thriller series The Bridge  I watched recently on tv and thoroughly enjoyed.  Also included is a photo of Albert Nobel and an iconic red house at Kullaberg Skane.

The postcard is a photograph of Sodermalarstrand that has been converted to a pencil sketch and coloured in with copic markers.

Thank you for stopping by and all your comments are greatly appreciated.  I do hope you will also visit our fellow travellers on this year long journey (see sidebar for link.)

Apologies for the blue tinted photos but  that is how the natural light is up here in the north of Scotland.


  1. I hope things work out for Roland and Carmen... beautiful card and great book page!!

  2. Wonderful postcard, Janet. Love the Copic art. I'd like to have accompanied RP to Sweden. I've never been to Scandinavia.

  3. Love the postcard, beautifully coloured. Good page.
    Jen x

  4. a great postcard. and a very good travel page. Poor Roland hope he gets some post soon, or we will never know the out come.lolx


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