Friday, 14 December 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 50 Hawaii

Roland Poland is still waiting the arrival of his beloved Carmen and also keeping a lookout for any letters she may have sent him.  He is passing time watching old episodes of Hawaii Five-O on the television.

He writes to half-brother Malcolm,

Hi Malcolm,
Spending all my time waiting for the postman
and then it's a race to get to the door before the
Missus.  She tripped over me this morning and
said to Xui, "I am fed up of falling over this 
lovesick dog - make sure he has no nuts for 
What could she mean!!


The postcard is my interpretation -  with brayer, stamp and copic markers of a photograph of Coconut Grove Beach at sunset.

This link will get you in the Hawaiian mood and is one of Roland Poland's favourites.

Here are the pages we made in his travel book.

 We have included a scene of one of the lovely beaches, this time, not one of the imported golden sands but the natural black lava sand found all over these volcanic islands, a conch shell being sounded and a painting of King Kamehameha.  Obviously Jack Lord and Hawaii Five -O feature, as I was brought up on this series when I was growing up in Australia and have many happy memories.

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and I do hope you will visit the other intrepid travellers who are still travelling the world. (link in sidebar).


  1. a beautiful postcard. and a great travel page. I use to watch Hawaii five O I rather liked Jack Lord...Well done for keeping up with the challenge, two weeks to

  2. Great postcard, the palm trees look brilliant. Good page, like the addition of the exotic birds. " to go, looks like we might make it!
    Jen x

  3. Your palm trees in the sunset make me's lovely as is your book spread for Hawaii.
    Happy holidays...

  4. The Hawaiian sunset is just gorgeous! I have been to Maui and it was beautiful there. I love the postcard. Hawaii Five-O was something I used to watch too. Haven't TV shows changed a lot? I found out something about you this time I had not known. Australia. Did I understand that right?


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