Friday, 12 October 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 41 Scotland

Xui is on business in Aberdeen and Roland Poland heads north to the Moray Firth to visit his two cousins (through a friend of his father's), Heidi and Lottie, who stay at Redmoss.  He is joyful at being reunited with some of his family and being introduced to Finn, Whitney and Jeffrey.

He has a great weekend enjoying the outdoor pursuits and is sad to leave.

He writes to Malcolm,
Hi Malcolm,
Been to Redmoss to see Heidi and Lottie.
Great girls - they say Hi by the way.
Seen the dolphins and seals on the beach and I can
tell you the water is freezing.
No wonder Jeff and Whitney always wear thick woolly coats.
Finn is OK, but a wuss - a bit of a mammy's boy like you.
Got to go - rabbiting again.

Here are the pages we made in his travel book.

Robert Burns, the poet, the glorious scenery and the Moray Firth dolphins all feature together with traditional Scottish dancing and bagpipes.

The postcard uses a stamp by Stewart Gill together with a background of sponged inks.

Thanks for visiting and I do hope you enjoyed this rather long post.  Please do go and see what our other
travellers have been up to. (link in sidebar)


  1. Lovely post, great photos of the four legged members of the family. Lucky Roland visiting such a lovely place. Fabulous postcard and page.
    Jen x

  2. very lovely card! makes me happy to see it


  3. Your thistle card is fabulous Janet. I sooo love your country...and I sooo love your story. Roland Poland is real to me!! :) Scotland is truly BONNIE!!

  4. Your card is fabulous, and the pages too. I hope Roland behaved himself at your place!! Valerie

  5. Love your thistle. Great background too. A xx

  6. Janet, how wonderful that you finally get to feature your own four-legged family! Your postcard is fabulous as are all the photos. If I were Roland, I'd never go back home. Wonderful country and wonderful people - Scotland. I'm proud to claim my Scottish ancestors.

  7. a great post, love seeing your "family" great pictures. lovely postcard and travel page. a beautiful place where you live, Was in that area last year. x

  8. We always knew dear RP was a socialable chap, I bet they've heard all about his travels! Lovely pages! M


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