Friday, 5 October 2012

Postcard Travels with Roland Poland - Week 40 Portugal

Xui is visiting the port producing Douro Region of Portugal.  Roland Poland is enjoying the trip as he is getting plenty of exercise and fresh air.  He is feeling much better.

He writes to Malcolm, his brother

Hi Malcolm,
Do you remember when we used to go begging in 
Yates' Wine Lodge on market days, and the old women
used to give us crisps and port + lemon in an ashtray?
Well, this is where they make the port.  No lemonade
here to water it down!
Xui likes tawny, I prefer the ruby.
RP xx

Here is the travel page we made in his book.

The postcard is from a photograph from Graham's Port that I have texturised in Craft Artist 2.  I did think of buying a bottle of  LBV port and doing something clever with that but do not think that this week's postcard would ever have got published!

Have changed computers this week to a much more powerful one and also Windows 7 from XP so I have not had much time to be creative - so apologies for a quick card.

Thank you for stopping by and I do hope you will visit all the other trekkies on Darcy's Postcard Challenge (see sidebar for link).


  1. I'm a Tawny girl myself...but only drink it as a special treat during Yuletide. I think it is nice in these days of "you can have anything anytime" to save a few things for special occasions. After all, that's what makes them special dog only drank good Chardonnay... preferably Australian :D XXX

  2. Roland certainly enjoys the high life!! Love your card...and of course, your story!

  3. Did not even think of Port, good idea. Smashing postcard. So glad Roland is feeling better. He needs an egg in that sherry, that is what my dad fed our whippet on race day!
    Jen x

  4. Glad Roland seems less nervous this week and is living it up on port! Valerie

  5. Great postcard and pages, Janet. That Roland really knows how to live!

  6. lovely card! in Texas our dogs only drink beer otherwise they make a whine face...


  7. a lovely postcard.and travel page. glad Roland is feeling a bit better, not to much port!!

  8. Wow, this one makes me thirsty!

  9. nothing like a little tipple to brighten the day! Great card and love your collage pages. I can imagine your book, it must be looking pretty amazing by now Mx


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