Friday, 27 May 2011

No Broadband, A Workshop and a Train Crash

We have had no broadband here at Redmoss for the past 6 weeks so I haven't been able to blog or join in challenges as I would normally have liked.  It has been very frustrating as we haven't been able to do our banking either which makes bill paying rather difficult.  BT have got it working now but the service is patchy due to our rural location.  Apologies to all my blog pals for not commenting and keeping in touch for such a long time.
My friend Wanda invited me to stay and go to the Port Sunlight Happy Stampers North West Show and book for the Sheena Douglass Paint Fusion workshop the following weekend.  I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would be able to attend one of Sheena's workshops due to living very near the end of the world but I got a place and had a ball!
I had great train journeys to and from Wanda's in North Wales except for the last 25 miles of my journey home when the train I was travelling in hit a tree on the line and everything came to a grinding halt.  Fortunately no one was hurt but the impact tore off the driver's door and smashed the front of the train up.  You can see all the bits of tree still stuck underneath the carriage.  As there was no mobile phone service at the accident location, it was quite a while before we could contact folks to tell them we were ok.  Too much excitement for me!  Glad to be blogging again though.


  1. Goodness what a journey home so very glad no one was injured. Guess after all that excitement you will need a little piece and quiet now. XOXO Zoe

  2. Wowzer that was one heck of a journey! You were all very lucky, poor tree! Love Elizabeth xxx

  3. Oh dear Janet, you have been having a bad time with BT. So pleased you were able to visit Port Sunlight (sorry I missed it) and having a day out with the lovely Sheena.
    What a journey home, you were all lucky not to be injured.
    Christine xx

  4. Wow, Janet, that's a bit of excitement for sure! The adventure with Wanda sounds like it was such fun. After dealing with balky internet for so long, you were due a good time. Glad you got it. I am puzzled how a tree got on the train track. Surely trains go back and forth every day so the railside brush shouldn't have been hanging over. Glad no one got hurt.


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