Sunday, 17 March 2013

Finished At Last!

Last year I had the pleasure of taking part in the lovely Darcy's Postcard Challenge .  It was a big  commitment  for me as it required me doing something regularly EVERY week (something I usually try to avoid!).  After 52 postcards and 52 double page book spreads and making up a story, I completed the challenge.  Phew!

Two same sized hardback books bought at charity shops were used to make the weekly double page spreads.  When completed, the books were glued together with Ranger Glossy Accents.  Despite removing about a third of each book to allow for inserts etc.  I have still ended up with a huge volume. With hindsight, I should have removed about a half of each book for it to close without gaping.  I have, however, found a snap together  belt that keeps it shut quite nicely.

The two glued together books were covered in some stiff handmade paper.  This was a long and difficult job and required lots of glue and bulldog clips and couldn't be rushed. I then covered the inside of the covers with more thick paper to tidy up the edges.

The title plaque was cut from chipboard using a Tim Holtz die and the letters from his Inside Out border die. The plaque was painted in antique gold acrylic paint and the letters cut in two colours.  I used Crackle Accents on the letters and around the edge of the plaque to add interest. Some of the colour from the card used for the letters has bled into the Crackle Accents but I think it adds to the interest.

This is one of the introduction pages, made in Craft Artist.  I was delighted to recently discover the All Aboard! range of washi tape from Papermania.  These have been used with gay abandon all around the edges of some of the scruffier pages to tidy them up. I love washi tape!
The globe in a frame on the cover of the book is also by Papermania from their Chronology range and was a free stamp with their Creative magazine.

I have learned a lot from taking part in this  Postcard Challenge.  I can now use Craft Artist2 in a reasonably competent way and have had a dabble at altering books.  Best of all, I have actually COMPLETED SOMETHING!!!

Thank you for visiting.  Your comments are most appreciated.


  1. well done Janet! I have trouble keeping up with once a month, once a week was a huge undertaking! The finished book looks great, and the astrolabe fits the theme perfectly

  2. Brilliant Janet, the cover looks amazing. Quite a feat turning the two books into one volume. You should be very proud of your completed project. It was such a fun story line too.
    Jen x

  3. well done, your book looks brilliant..It was hard work keeping up each week, but we made it. It was fun reading your postcards a great story. I found an old chest in a charity shop, covered it with map papers, and some old small postcards and distressed it.A nice reminder.xx

  4. Janet, this is an awesome achievement. First, I applaud you for finishing the course, completing the challenge. Then you have made your worthwhile work more permanent by altering the book for your postcards to reside in. The cover is absolutely wonderful. The letters with bleeding colors are beautiful. The whole thing is fabulous. I am dancing with joy over your accomplishment.


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