Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Two Little Girls!

Here are our two new little girls!  Heidi (at the front) and Lottie, our German Shepherd pups.  The wellies belong to John who is very proud of his girls.  We only picked them up late on Saturday night from a croft in Sutherland and have been very busy with settling them in to their new home.  Although experienced dog owners, we have not had dogs here for about 4/5 years after our beloved Boxers passed on.  We had forgotten just how time consuming and pleasurable it is to have dogs back in our lives.
Finn (Fell pony) is very interested in them and looks forward to when they can run along side his fence and chase him.  He played with the Boxers like this for quite a few years until they got too old to run fast!
The pup's training is starting today (they are 13 weeks old), ideally we would have liked them younger, but that was not possible.
Jeffrey and Whitney (the sheep) are not thrilled that we have dogs again but will have to put up with it!  John apologises for his scruffy jacket  but the dogs are happy to have a bite at his sleeves when they can!  Heidi is on the left and Lottie on the right of this picture.
Thanks for stopping by and apologies for not commenting much lately on your blogs but as you can see, we have our hands full at the moment!


  1. They are gorgeous Janet, beautiful pointy ears! sorry you know what I mean lol. The one in the middle's ok too! Love Elizabeth xxx

  2. They are adorable Janet. You're certainly going to be busy in the near future
    Beryl x

  3. They are so sweet Janet, just love those so big ears. Thanks for sharing the pics. Enjoy.
    Jen x

  4. They are a gorgeous pair Janet,fabulous photo'

  5. Janet, your puppies look like so much fun. Our last dog died 6 years ago. It seems like only yesterday. I know how much time puppy training takes. Looks like your husband enjoys that sort of thing. About my chicken lady... I had to wonder how they ever got the hems of those dresses clean after being in the chicken yard. (If you've ever lived around chickens, you will know what I mean.)

  6. They are adorable! I can see you will both be busy with their training and exercising. You certainly have plenty of space up there for them to run around. I hope Finn continues to improve and you are soon back in the saddle.
    Wanda xx

  7. Looks like you have a handful there Janet - but they look so cute at this age.


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